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Why Choose BackOP to Secure your Data

01; How we Save you Money

Compared to most offsite data platforms we charge you for what we store and not what you select for backup. We use a compression software that reduces the size of your files.  For example ; if you select 100GB to be backed up, after compression, you send to our server 70GB, you will only pay for the 70GB in storage.

02; Encryption

Our software encrypts your data on your end, before being sent to our server.  That is your bank-level security also called military level security, with AES 256 bit encryption. All your files reside on our server fully encrypted and protected.

03; Pricing with elastic storage

BackOP offers a highly competitive price per GB.  You are only charged for what you store on our server, you don't have to buy a bulk amount, and your storage is growing with your demand (elastic storage).

04; How we Differ

BackOP has been designed from the ground up for professional use. From accountants to doctors we have designed our service to ensure that your data remains safe and secure from ransom and computer issues.

05; How Often we Backup

Our software does a complete backup of your files at first, then an incremental backup every three hours, this means that the most you will ever lose is three hours of past data. This can be customize to your preference.

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