BackOP - Online backup service
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Availability - Your backup is always ready for access and stored outside your office. This means your data remains recoverable after a burglary or fire. You can also access your data from a different computer 24 hours/day. Affordable - BackOP helps you save on the cost of hardware and software you would usually need to create backups. Capacity is increased as you need it.
Automation - Peace of mind knowing your data is secure. No technical knowledge required. Our professionals do the installation, setup and testing. Automatic daily backup. In case of an error during the backup, an email notification is sent to the client. Support - Our experienced support team is at your service to install, restore and respond to your questions by phone or e-mail. This team is also at your srvice if you need any help when checking your settings. Restore verification is essential, that's why we test the restore after one month and whenever required.
Preservation of data - A regular backup to hard drive, tape or CD only keeps the last day backed-up, re-writing over the old one each time, that leaves you only ONE copy of backed-up data. With our BackOP system, we can bring you back to which ever day you want, up to one year! Even deleted files can be recovered up to 365 days! Secured encryption - All files are encrypted and compressed prior to transfer. Only you have access to the encryption key. In the unlikely event that someone gained access to our server, all they would find would be unreadable, useless indefinable files. We use 256 bit algorithm encryption. Furthermore, only you have access to the key for your data.